June 20, 2016

Our Products


Mechanical Engineering Business Unit, School of Mechanical Engineering, USM


Waste Plastic to Oil Converter

  • To appreciate the need for recycling of waste plastic into liquid fuel for diesel engine, and etc.

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Biomass Cooking Stove

  • Help the villagers to use safer stove for cooking. Present stoves that use wood, produce a lot of smoke and can cause lung infection.

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Bioenergy Generator Set

  • Provide electricity to the remote villagers that are not connected to electricity grid.

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Industrial Torrefaction System

  • The torrefied material can be converted to pellets and briquettes for feeding furnaces and combustion for heating.

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Multi Functions Home Care Unit For Paralyzed/Invalid Person

  • Enables the caretaker to easily perform their caring tasks 

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Integrated Stretcher Bed Wheel-chair For Emergency Situation

  • For fast rescuing
  • Light and easy to use
  • Live saver

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Eco-friendly Porous Medium Stove

  • Fuel saving up to 50%
  • High efficiency of combustion 
  • Portable
  • Can be used to charge small electronic gadgets

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Micro Gas Turbine (MGT) Power Generation System For Research Teaching Carbonizer

  • To assist the academic institution above to teach the power generation system using gas turbine

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Anti-vibration Holder For Grass Trimmer

  • To reduce the potential risk of Parkinson disease and essential tremor.

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Paddy Drying System

  • To assist the small scale paddy farmers to solve harvesting of paddy during wet season. Farmers can pre-dry the wet paddy before milling. The system can also be used for paddy drying and mill the paddy without third party involvement.

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Kitchen Waste Carbonizer

  • To assist the above users to treat the kitchen waste into carbon based product that can reduce waste dumped at the landfill. Furthermore, the above assets can be used for the carbon product such as fertilizers and also as fuel for cooking, etc.

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