September 21, 2016

Nano Fabrication



Curing Oven

Curing Oven

Dry Etching

XeF2 Etching

Heating in vacuum environment

Curing protoresist after spin coating

Xactix e1 is the ideal solution for those seeking a low cost R&D xenon difluoride etching system.

Vacuum Chamber





Vacuum process at room temperature

Highly accurate measuring instrument which is used for measuring low DC current. This unit measure current down to 100pA

Convenient method of measuring the low voltage, typically in the order of few Micro volts. This instrument measures voltage with a resolution of 1 Micro volt

Spin Coater

Spin Coater

Emulsion Mask Maker

Emulsion Mask Maker

Mask Aligner

Mask Alignment

Spin coating is a procedure used to deposit uniform thin films to flat substrates. The thickness of the film also depends on the viscosity and concentration of the solution and the solvent used intensively in photolithography, to deposit layers of photoresist about 1 micrometer thick.

Emulsion mask maker is a process that transfer design on glass. Photomasks are high resolution precision flat glass substrates with micro photographic images of electronic circuits, micro-electronic circuitry, electronic packaging designs, semiconductor designs, and is used to image electronic.

Expose pattern on wafer (positive or  negative  depend on design). Built up through a series of steps in which thin films of material are deposited and selectively etched.